Custom Art Supplies and Artists' Services

by Brian Hartig

I design, build and sell products for artists 

-JD Miller,  Samuel Lynne Galleries.  "I have been using Brian Hartig for the exclusive creation of my canvases for a few years now.  I paint with extremely thick oil and the canvas substrate has to be flawless in order to support this demanding medium properly.  His canvases more than satisfy my technical requirements and I am 100% pleased with them.  They are the best canvases I have ever worked on."   

-Bonny Liebowitz,  Artist/ Owner of The Encaustic Center.  "I highly recommend Brian Hartig for boards and special wood working jobs.  His accuracy, promptness and attention to detail are always on the mark."  

-Laura Elia, Artist and Co-Owner, Artful Interiors.  "I've used floater frames made by Brian for years now, both for my own artwork as well as for my design clients.  His  frames are an attractive and affordable alternative when I'm working with a tight budget." 

-Carmen Menza, Artist .  "Quite simply- Brian rocks!!!  He is an invaluable part of my business as an artist.  His canvases and panels are of the finest quality and craftsmanship and always engineered with an eye for precision and consistency.  I have used Brian exclusively for five years now and have never been disappointed.  His artistry shows in the customization of the pieces he makes to meet my artistic needs perfectly.  It's nice to know that I have a reliable resource I can count on for this aspect of my business.  Thank you Brian for all you do."